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Feedback & Testamonials

Please leave feedback at the bottom of this page about your shooting experience with us as well as any comments about our site or firearms that you would like us to see. They will be posted here. 


LS commented:

I had been extremely anxious and excited ever since the day my father found FullAutoExperience.com, as I had never shot a fully automatic weapon in my life. However, this anxiousness I so subtly hid from my family was soon replaced with an immense giddiness such as a child experiences on Christmas morning. These weapons are are pieces of art, all containing unique stories. These stories however would never been known without the instructors present. Men driven by experience and passion in the field of firearms provide the customer with a calm, safe, and efficient environment. Their effort to ensure your satisfaction is impeccable, that of which is paralleled along with their immense knowledge on the history of the weapons. Thus providing the client with an extremely satisfactory experience. Undeniably the cost of your visit is insignificant compared to the educational thrill ride of fully automatic fire that will ensue. 


PF commented:

I had heard about several outfits that have machine gun shoots in Arizona. We did our research of those available and scheduled with Full Auto Experience. It was simply amazing as to the variety of guns that they have. My buddies and I had a fantastic time. We'll definitely be back in the future. 


MM commented:

My cousin brought me to Prescott for the Full Auto Experience (both of us had never gone full auto). The instructors went above and beyond, providing a fun and safe experience. Not only did I get to shoot a Thompson, but both instructors demonstrated a vast knowledge of all their firearms. I would highly recommend their service, as it was not only a lot of fun but made me appreciate the history and value of firearms even more.


JS commented:

We'd never had an opportunity to shoot full-auto before this. We picked this business because of the vast selection of firearms and because they're priced better than any other businesses in the area. The instructors were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and even took the time to explain a brief history of all firearms we tried. I'd recommend this business to anyone looking to shoot some machine guns.


GL commented:

I had military experience with the M16A4, but these guys have guns we never got to play with in the service.  I finally got to fire my dream gun, the Thompson M1A1! I also shot the Sig MPX, Sten and full auto Glock 17. I'll be back for sure!


TK commented:

Met the instructors for a shoot with a few buddies. We had a great time. None of us had shot machine guns before and the FAE staff made it easy. Why can't we have these guns in CA? So jealous! We shot he PPS-43, M16, HK G3 and the open bolt 10/22. Wow!


BR commented:

We were in Prescott for the weekend and saw a flier for this. We set up a shoot for Sunday and got to try a bunch of different guns including the 1919, AK47, AK74, M16, MPX, UZI and MP5K. We had a fantastic time!


LB commented:

Got to cross something off my bucket list! The owner is very knowledgeable about his collection and very professional about his work. I felt very safe during the whole experience knowing that each firearm was explained in detail to me before operation. A MUST DO for anyone in the area! I am very happy I got to meet him and I am glad to call him a friend now.


DB commented:

I finally got to shoot a Thompson, my dream gun! I also shot an MP5K, an Uzi and the Sig Sauer MPX. Big thanks for a fine time in Prescott! I gotta move out of CA soon!


TH commented:

Wow, was this fun! This was the first time my wife and I shot full auto and these guys made it easy! We shot several different sub guns. My wife thinks we should buy a machine gun now! Thanks for offering this in Prescott.


BR commented: 

We were in Prescott for the day to get away from the heat in PHX and were referred to you guys by a friend. We shot the 1919, the MG3, the PTR-91 and the suppressed Saiga 12. This was so fun! We will for sure do this again next time we are in town. Just a great experience. Thanks.


FH commented:

My wife and I saw this operation mentioned on a California gun forum. We were headed to Prescott to look for a house, so we decided to give it a try. We had a fantastic time! The instruction and safety procedures for each gun were presented in a very professional manner and the range facility was top notch. We got to shoot the Krink AK74, the MP5K, the suppressed M11-9 and the Suomi. I have a semi-auto Suomi back at home and shooting the gun full auto was an eye opener! We'll definitely be back to shoot again. Thanks very much for offering this in what will be our new home in about 4 months.


GN commented:

Why is your PTR-91 listed as "down for maintenence"? I was hoping to shoot it with you guys next weekend.

This gun is getting a bit of a makeover to make it easier and safer to shoot indoors. It will have a new M-Lok front end along with a bipod. The gun has a lot of recoil, so this will make it easier to control. It will be available again by the end of this week.  


BL commented:

i see that you are going to have a Thompson soon. It is my dream to shoot this! When will it be available to shoot?

The gun is actually on it's way to us now. We'll  have it on the line in about a week as long as the USPS doesn't delay the shipment too much due to the July 4th weekend. 





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